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Many have used the word “unique” to describe Taylor; and that she most
certainly is.  She’ll talk to you endlessly about her bowel movements
while wearing red-soled shoes and refusing to drink anything other than
Sancerre. Hey, the girl loves the finer things in life, but she would trade it
all in for a deep belly laugh.  She is a “goofy glam” gal.
Taylor Strecker was discovered in a New York City bar only a few months
after graduating from Ithaca College’s Park School of Communications.
When the Programming Director of Sirius Satellite Radio’s brand new
“hush, hush” channel for Cosmo Magazine overheard this raspy voiced
Boston native, she knew she had found her radio show personality.
Since launching the groundbreaking “for women by women” radio station
in March 2006, Taylor, the host of Cosmo’s Wake up! With Taylor
Currently on SiriusXM Stars 109, has been coined a “lil’ shot of espresso.” 
Weekdays from 6am-9am EST, Taylor throws a daily brunch with her
“friends” (listeners, celebrities, and co-host Kenny) full of smarts, sass,
and of course silliness.
Taylor, a reality TV addict, proudly refers to Wake Up! With Taylor as
“reality radio.” She shares every detail of her life, partly because she’s an
admitted narcissist, but more so in an effort to cut through the bullsh*t
that makes so many women feel less than. Yes, she loves to entertain,
and yes, she loves to make people laugh, but the most important thing to
her is “uplifting women one self-deprecating story at a time.”